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Organizations of all types and sizes are challenged with ineffective information flow between leadership and the front line. This costs organizations millions each year in turnover, lost productivity and fines.


Blast ensures effective delivery of critical communications from the top of the organization to the front line. We deliver actionable insights to improve employee engagement and knowledge retention. It’s a win-win for the organization.


Culture and Values

Lack of effective communication is a top concern in employee surveys

Leverage interactive content on topics such as company news, core values and customer successes to cultivate the culture you want.

Operational Excellence

Essential knowledge is quickly forgotten after mandatory training

Continuously reinforce core content to improve knowledge retention in key topics like HR policies, safety and cybersecurity.

Product Knowledge

Competition drives faster changes in product and service offerings

Keep teams informed of on-going product updates to improve customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction.


Blast helps you:


Modernize Employee Communications

Connect with front line team members to ensure critical messages are heard and understood.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

                                                 Ensure timely reinforcement of information and desired behaviors to bridge knowledge gaps.

Open Feedback Channels

                                                  Listen and react to ongoing employee feedback to establish a two-way dialogue.

Bottom Line Impact

Prove the business value through measurable engagement and knowledge metrics.

This is the power of the Blast Platform.

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