Your Knowledge and Engagement Pulse

Blast is a fun, fast and easy way to consistently build knowledge and awareness for your internal audience. Through ongoing, measurable interactions, Blast helps you pinpoint knowledge and culture gaps.

We combine an engaging employee experience with actionable insights to help your business perform better and retain talent.


Maximize Training ROI

How effective are your periodic training efforts?


Blast makes it easy to reinforce periodic training events and maximize training investment.

Pinpoint Knowledge Risk

How do you ensure service standards are consistently delivered?

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Blast identifies real-time knowledge gaps to improve operations and customer service.

Engage Your Workforce

How do you measure workforce engagement?


Blast drives efficient, consistent employee engagement to build culture and reduce turnover.

Blast delivers knowledge and engagement analytics like you've never seen before.



"Great fun while learning about the company and our brand!" - Sales Associate


Blast Knowledge Engagement Solution

Blast is engineered to streamline the employee experience while delivering powerful metrics for management.

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Modernize Internal Communications

Deliver timely reinforcement of information and desired behaviors so critical messages are understood.


Gauge Employee Feedback and Sentiment

Listen and react to ongoing employee feedback to identify misalignment and cultural gaps.

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Benchmark and Target Knowledge Levels

Know your weak spots and help managers focus improve revenue, reduce cost and engage their teams on a regular basis.


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