Six Ways to Give Back with Blast

At this time of the year, we see a natural shift in priorities toward gratitude and giving. Here at Blast App, we are grateful for our team and everyone that has helped us in this journey. And the most rewarding part of our job is seeing how our customers treat their teams and how their teams, in turn, treat each other and the community around them.

Blast wasn’t conceived as a platform to just reinforce knowledge and identify knowledge gaps. At its core, we’re focused on building an engaged, internal audience and that engagement takes many forms. To me, engagement is attention. Someone told me the other day that, “Attention is love.” And love goes both ways. Paying attention to our team members implies we care for them. Paying attention to our organization implies team members care about the greater mission. And paying attention to the community around us reflects the same.

Today, I’d like to share some stories of how Blast can support that attention and how customers have embodied the spirit of attention for those around them.

Support your local pet shelter: Our top story is from one of our hospitality customers. Due to Hurricane Irma’s impact to their local community, dozens of animals were displaced and in need of care at the local SPCA shelter. This local hotel raised donations through a raffle for a free weekend stay. In addition, team members redeemed their Blast points for gift cards and donated them for food and supplies at the SPCA shelter. It’s a great example of paying attention to the community and Blast is honored to play a small part in supporting their generous efforts.

Help school-aged kids in shelters: One of the biggest challenges for schools is providing respectable support for kids who are in temporary shelters. These kids don’t have ample school supplies or clothing. Many kids come to school wearing the same clothes everyday or lack warm jackets. Use your team’s Blast points to provide some basics that can brighten their day and help their self-esteem.

Take underprivileged kids shopping: A common reward offered by our customers is a Walmart gift card. You can collect enough gift cards and create a fun shopping trip for the kids to pick out holiday gifts for their families. It’s easy to redeem for gift cards and the smiles on their faces will make it all worthwhile.

Book flights to see family: A team member recently found out that their mother needed to go through extensive chemo treatment for late-stage cancer, but she was unable to make a trip across the US. Teams can organize airline miles in exchange for Blast points to support teammates and help them be with family for critical events.

Donate to a cause: Many organizations have existing programs that contribute to local Habitat for Humanity builds or support American Cancer Society walks. You can support fellow team members involved in these endeavors by matching donations through Blast points redemption. This gives attention to both internal team members and the community around you.

Ask vendors to sponsor: Many customers are very creative in sourcing their rewards and incentives. Instead of only offering gift cards or company swag, customers have approached their key vendors for contributions. Vendors appreciate the opportunity to elevate their visibility to internal teams, but more importantly, they want to contribute to local causes as well. Whether the team is contributing supplies to local food banks, technology for a classroom or prizes for raffles, there are many ways to involve your business partners and benefit the community as a whole.

These are just a few ways to get creative with Blast points to help everyone pay more attention to those around them. What will you do this holiday season to show gratitude and pay attention to those around us?