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Our focus is fun, fast and easy employee experiences. We’re not a training solution, though we ensure training ROI. Blast solves the problem of timely information flow from the top of the organization to the front line. Blast measures interaction and knowledge metrics while motivating your team to engage with core organizational content. It’s a win-win for managers and team members at all levels.

Blast helps you:


Modernize Employee Communications

Connect with front line team members with a fun mobile-ready experience to provide timely, interactive information.

Build Knowledge Retention

Ensure timely reinforcement of mission critical information to build knowledge over time.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

Reinforce desired behaviors closer to real-time events to bridge knowledge gaps to support ad-hoc coaching.


Open Feedback Channels

Listen and react to employee feedback through polls and surveys to establish an ongoing two-way dialogue.

Impact Bottom Line

Prove the business value through measurable engagement and knowledge metrics.



Motivate engagement through game mechanics across the entire platform:

  • GameBlast - quiz game knowledge reinforcement
  • NewsBlast - multimedia announcements that work
  • BlastBack - pulse feedback from your team

All this through a fast and fun experience across mobile, kiosk and desktop interfaces.


Earn points to encourage team competition, reinforce training initiatives and support employee recognition programs throughout the year. Add rewards and contests for a fun experience.


Track participation, knowledge and interaction metrics across the organization to establish benchmarks, identify areas for improvement and remediate before employees dis-engage.

This is the power of the Blast Platform.

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