Blast Platform

Multimedia announcements deliver company updates, customer successes and employee recognition. 

Quiz games reinforce the right information for the right audience throughout the year in just minutes a day.

Polls and surveys deliver insight into employee sentiment and satisfaction to drive continuous improvement.


Actionable Engagement Insights

Blast metrics provide insight into trends and exceptions in organizational engagement. We deliver and analyze metrics like:

  • Participation
  • Topic Knowledgeability
  • Feedback
  • Happiness
  • Personal Growth
  • Executive Leadership
  • Wellness
  • Satisfaction
  • Manager Relationship
  • Communication
  • Achievement

Interactive Content Delivery

CEO message? New product announcement? Milestone achievements? Take advantage of Blast’s ability to deliver video, pictures and audio to make your message memorable. delivers multimedia announcements and news, integrated with game play and points earnings.

Assess how information is being consumed by your audience to ensure internal communications are effective.

Gamified Information Reinforcement

Use custom content with Blast’s question library to remind your teams of essential information to keep everyone aligned and plugged in. 

Track achievement across topics to provide on-going visibility into your organization's knowledge gaps.

Integrated Survey Feedback


Gather anonymous feedback and track employee sentiment through polls and surveys to improve employee satisfaction. 

Combining feedback and engagement metrics provide indicators for the health of your organization.