Why Blast?

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Actively engaged teams create positive cultures and are more productive. Blast elevates engagement by modernizing internal communications to deliver consumable bits of interactive content on a regular basis. The result? Measurable engagement that results in better customer service and greater sales.


How Blast Works

Blast is designed to solve the engagement and communication problem by combining quick and relevant content with game mechanics to support desired behaviors. Think “marketing to your internal audience."

Here are three key challenges to engaging your internal audience and how we address those challenges.


Content relevancy and timeliness

The way we consume information has shifted toward more interactive and bite-size pieces of content. Attention spans are short and we hop between a myriad of tasks each day. It’s no wonder why lengthy newsletters, emails or all-hands calls are ineffective at capturing our attention. We want timely content, in consumable pieces, so we can engage and move on. 

Blast is built for today’s digital media world. By segmenting and targeting the audience, Blast delivers fast and fun content in less than 2 minutes a day so all team members have an opportunity to be engaged. Blast supports multimedia content to provide the experience we all expect in today’s digital interactions.

Audience REACH

More than 34% of the workforce is now distributed, remote or have some type of flex time arrangement. This means that company stand-ups, walk-by announcements and breakroom posters are all ineffective in reaching your audience. Emails, especially those not related to an individual’s core work, often get buried and forgotten. Individuals want to feel connected to leadership, the brand and their colleagues.


Blast is designed specifically for the broad set of audience circumstances. While Blast is a mobile-first design, our web app experience is simplistic and modern for all types of devices including mobile, tablet, kiosk and desktop. You want audience access no matter what the work environment is.

Measurable Results

Engagement is hard to measure from just satisfaction surveys and pulse surveys. Employee satisfaction is only one dimension of measuring how actively engaged your teams are. How does engagement turn into maximum productivity and bottom line impact? Where are the highest risk individuals and what are the key issues management needs to address?

Blast is purpose-built to answer this question.

At the core, Blast data is measures engagement and assesses knowledge levels - constantly and consistently. Blast provides actionable insight into engagement trends, giving managers the opportunity to coach and respond.


The bottom line is improved customer service and lower turnover.